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Nancy Jones

Nancy became a Licensed Kindermusik educator after attending formal Kindermusik training in Ventura California (1998) and received her Board Certification from Kindermusik International in 2001.  All through her early years, beginning at age six, Nancy shared her strong love for music, singing in church and school choirs, and playing the piano, clarinet and guitar. During her senior year, she joined a girl's quartet and sang in local establishments. She then went on to pursue a major in voice at Yavappai College in Prescott AZ.

In 1998, Nancy attained the position of lead educator and coordinator of the faculty for Kindermusik International's program in Sacramento and Davis, CA.  In 1999, she relocated to Seattle, WA and pursued many opportunities to continue her devotion to Kindermusik. Nancy, mother of four and stepmother to four, and now grandmother to two beautiful children, brings  years of parenting experience, a strong musical background, enthusiasm for life, and a true love for children, to each and every one of her classes!

Kindermusik with Ms Nancy
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Kindermusik in Tucson with Nancy